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The ultimate guide to learn writing clean & organized code for Beginners.

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This blog post is for beginners who have just started their coding journey and didn’t know how to manage their code and they often end up writing dirty and unorganized code.

Even when I started coding I also used to write messy and unorganized code, then when I worked with a bunch of people on a project they told me one thing that not only humans even machines can’t read this code that movement I realized need to learn clean coding.

Writing clean and organized code will help you in interviews and it makes your chances of getting a job much easier.

Photo by Moritz Kindler on Unsplash

Quality’s of clean code:-

· It should be readable by humans.

· Clean code should be easy to understand.

· It should pass all the tests.

· There should be no repetition.

· It should be organized

Top 5 tips to clean and organized code:-

1. Your code must not contain unnecessary comments if you use too much comment’s stop right now.

2. Use names(variable, function, class e.t.c) more conventional, understandable, and easy to pronounce.

3. Stop using large-size functions that make your code too complicated.

4. Stop repeating the same block of code again and again. You can use the extract method of your code editor.

5. Don’t leave the commented block of code, detect it when your project is done.

Now time for the most ultimate tip that I usually use.

Send your code to your friends or teachers and asks them to review your code and ask for their opinion and suggestions, and that really helps in improving your coding skills.

Even you can join coding communities or groups and share your code and ask for their opinions.

Now you are all set to write clean and organized code But if you need more help in improving your coding you can search for more resources.

I am learning front-end web development and I really love coding and coffee.